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Date: 2nd July 2018
Electronic Health Records - Create National Health Registry with Big Data Users Lists

Big Data Email Lists – Electronic health records is helpful in innumerable ways. The United States has a population that is close to half a billion. Maintaining a national health registry becomes important from the point of view of health insurance, disease control and sale of prescription medications. Moreover, it also would be helpful in control in the illegal distribution of addictive medication such painkillers, anti-depression tablets and sleeping pills. It is estimated that a few million people suffer from addiction to such medication. The government can do a much better job of controlling these vices by creating and maintaining a national health registry. The role of big data in such an endeavor is crucial.


Big Data is a science that deals with the storage, retrieval and analysis of very large amounts of data, usually hundreds of terabytes at a minimum. With a population near 500 million, the United States can use big data to improve its system of keeping electronic health records. The Big Data Customers Lists can go a long way in helping the government formulate a national registry.

How will it Work?

The medical information of nearly half a billion users is sure to earn the status as requiring big data. With state and county-wise information about people’s health being clearly organized and easily accessible, identifying commonly occurring diseases in certain regions becomes easier. To do so from a vast country requires the unique analytical tools only big data can offer. Procuring the Big Data Email Lists is a valuable first step. Private software contractors can later go on to build a registry that is easily accessible and from which specific information is easily retrievable. It can enable the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) to study the pattern of certain diseases and implement measures to control them better. The electronic health records will no doubt be massive and Big Data Users Lists will no doubt help to make this task simple.

Control of Epidemics

The most recent epidemic killed thousands of people all over the United States. Given a national health registry, experts will be able to better study the nature of the disease and control its spread. It is also helpful to identify the causes and be better prepared for them. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, if the authorities are able to prevent future outbreaks by learning from the past, it will be a victory.

The applications of big data cannot be exaggerated and the Big Data Email Lists would play a vital role.

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